Why Choose Killion?

Killion Communications is here to serve your staffing needs. Why go with us? In a word, its experience. And we are fully committed to your staffing needs. When choosing an outside firm to assist with recruitment, it’s important to select the right team. Our goal is to ensure that you get the right professionals for the work, team players that will do much more than simply their job. We find people who make a difference and improve your business.

So, what are your specific staffing needs? What processes could use some outside help? Whatever you feel your organization needs; we are here to assist. At Killion, we have the right people, with the right experience who will add significant value to your organization.

The Difference is Clear…

  • Experience – We know the telecom industry

  • Killion is family owned and operated

  • We provide staffing for the telecommunications industry only

  • Ownership – We take full ownership of our client’s goals. And we don’t stop until you are satisfied. 

Whether you require a plant engineering and design team, drafting professionals, customer Service technicians, cable splicing professionals or any other technical or support role filled, Killion is ready to go to work.

Killion delivers the high quality, specialized telecom staffing you need, focusing on personalized service. We’re confident you’ll be pleased with the caliber of our Telecom professionals.

With over 30 years of experience, we have the personnel to meet your customer requirements. Learn about all of our services and review our client testimonials.

Ready to find out more? To learn more about our capabilities and our company, contact us today.

Killion Communications – Quality Telecom Professionals for over 30 Years


Killion Communications - Quality Telecom Professionals for over 30 Years